While many people are born with naturally thick, luxurious hair, still others can only only look on with a bit of envy at the long luxurious locks others seem to take for granted. Consumers spend millions of dollars every year on vitamins such as Biotin and thickening agents in special shampoos to gain thicker hair, mostly to no avail. What seems to work for many instead is a cosmetic solution as opposed to a biological one.


If you’ve tried everything to achieve the long, thick hair you’ve always wanted, hair extensions could be the answer to your problems. Available in a variety of colors from natural black to a golden blonde, extensions provide the hair women have always wanted and that will get you noticed in a positive way. Extensions can be placed in the hair in one of three ways: sewn, glued or clipped. Clip in hair extensions, however, seem to be a fast growing option for those on a budget and those who don’t want to commit to a long-term method. Affordable and lasting for approximately six months at a time, clip in extensions provide extra length and thickness for those with medium and fine hair, and are available in three density levels so consumers can find the right match for their own hair.

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As mentioned before, Clip In Hair Extensions can be worn for as long as six months, but that’s not a definite. Some people choose to wear them for a special event like a wedding or prom night, while others choose to keep them in long-term, as long as six months at a time, taking them out to give their hair a break before clipping them back in. Truly, it’s a personal choice. It typically only takes one set of extensions, made up of ten pieces, to cover a head. Individuals can install the clip ins themselves without visiting a stylist, which is helpful, but allow some time to do it the first time, to allow practice before wearing them in public.



Caring for your extensions is a simple process, simply keep the following tips in mind. Brushes are recommended as opposed to combs, especially those brushes with soft bristles. Bleaching and dying is not recommended, so choose your color wisely before purchasing. If you absolutely must dye them, see a professional to have it done. Use hair protection sprays before styling with straighteners or curling irons to protect extensions, and remember.


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